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MagiCats Builder is out! Check it now.

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MagiCats Builder

MagiCats Builder is the latest game produced and developed by our studio. This game is the final version of MagiCats Builder and is coming up in this most complete form. With a new environments, new functionalities, new mode and a deep graphic redesign, this game have been improved according the feedback of our worldwide community. Build your very own game world in MagiCats Builder – the ultimate sandbox platformer where only your imagination is the limit! Design levels, characters, objects, environments – anything your heart desires – using a simple visual coding engine. Craft your own experiences on the fly and share them with the community – or explore custom levels from around the world. What epic Catstruction will you build?

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MagiCats Best Of

The best of MagiCats is not only the second game produced and developed by our studio but also the first 2D Platformer made by its own community. We have been lucky enough to have such a great and active community that designed more the 100 levels. Thanks to them and their creativity, we have been able to create an endless game that allows people to play, create and enjoy other people’s creations.

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Pistache App

Pistache is the app that teaches kids to become grown-ups. Assign missions to your child, like “tidy up my room” or “work on my Spanish skills”. When your child completes a mission, he can then access playful and entertaining content.

Pistache supports learning by doing and favors your children’s autonomy and self-sufficiency.

Conceived for children aged 6 to 11.

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